Text wrap in columns

Reaching out to the group to ask if anyone has built DBs with data streams that have “text” fields and how the fields look when displayed as Properties in a dashboard.

I would like to build a new DB which will house customer notes. The note column in my SQL has a datatype of TEXT.

My question is how EDA would handle a TEXT field that could potentially contain many characters. Does EDA do any type of text wrapping? It will not be good if the column in my dashboard cannot be text wrapped because the column could get very wide, possibly as wide as my screen.

Anybody build anything similar or use TEXT fields?

Hi Justin,

We use Phocas’ CRM tool and we pull the notes from that tool into a CRM database. The notes come into the database in a TEXT format. Some are quite lengthy. What we see is that the note column in a transaction report eventually gets cut off, I believe after 250 characters or so. I think that might be a standard functionality when using grids, which I don’t think Phocas was willing to change when I asked the question a while ago.


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Hi Tim,

I ended up changing the Note from “Text” to “Paragraph” and my users are ok with it.
The note may get cutoff, but now the note is a link and my users can click on the note which triggers a popup that displays the entire note.


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