Visual Bug with Search Mode

Trying to Show Inventory levels in Phocas but running into a bug with Search Mode. The bug exists on all databases. To reproduce, simply go into search mode on any dimension and then include another property. The column headers will not line up at all. This is frustrating as I don’t want to show a measure in this case, but I’m forced to in order to avoid this bug.

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You’re right. The issue is easy to duplicate. The column headers don’t line up at all. Just to add a bit more, start paging through the pages (using the arrows at the bottom.) Each time you page, the headers will move closer and closer to alignment, until they’re finally aligned. Once they are, you can page back through the pages and they stay aligned.

Yep I noticed that. Don’t want to have to tell our sales reps that they have to page every time to fix the issue. Another fix also is the Freeze Column button sort of fixes it, but the issue returns if you unfreeze. Issue shows up as well anytime the dataset reloads from a Focus or Dimension change. As a side note, there’s another issue within dashboards where sometimes the columns collapse into themselves, and a freeze and unfreeze of the columns fixes it. Just weird visual issues all around. A third issue I’ve seen is sometimes in nesting mode, the nested dimensions on the top of the screen will break and get stuck on the screen in weird positions and won’t go away unless you completely exit the query and return.