Weekly Period Option?

Is there anyway to create a weekly period?

I’m looking to display future weeks in columns so we can see the dollar value of future dated purchase orders. At the moment I can only seem to make this work for days, months or years. Days would be too granular for this and months are too large.

Any ideas/suggestions?

We have made a Week-Ending period, as shown below:

We created this by going to Administration-> Period Types and then created a new period called Week-Ending (weeks for us end on Saturday.) We used Excel to create a file in this format, which Phocas displays nicely:

While it is cumbersome to create, it is only cumbersome once, provided you go back into the past and forward into the future far enough to meet your business needs.

Once you make it in Excel, you have to save it as a .txt file and import it into the Administration → Period Types → “Week” (click the new period you made) and use the buttons at the top of the screen to upload the file.

One last thing. Once you make this new period type, you will need to use Designer to enable it for the database in which you need it. This is done by clicking the edit button next to Date (on the right) and checking your new period type in the box that pops up.

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