Add Period of QTR into Types so we no longer need to set up custom and hard coded ranges

Would like to have Quarter added to the Defined Periods so we can set up offsets and be able to utilize for reporting. Currently this needs to be hard coded dates that need to be changed every year or users need to set with custom hard coded values when creating dashboards and favorites.

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Hi there,

Funny that I read this today, because I literally was about to try to set up “Quarter” periods on my environment. I’m going to try to add a new Period Type and possible set up my quarterly periods for coming years all within there - no going back in ever year to reset all the Defined Periods (I think). Here’s the help doc I’m looking at:


Update: it went well. My only wish is that I could have a “Quarter to Date” function in the cog wheel like we do when running year-over-year variance reports on a “Month” period type. Everything else seems to be working well, though!

I loaded all the “Moments” in manually, but you can also accomplish it by importing a .txt file (I believe). I plan to add more Moments so I can set it and forget it.

Once you’ve created the Period Type and rebuilt whichever database you want to include it in, you can then go into the Defined Periods of the database and make a “Current Quarter” or “Previous Quarter” that will become available to all of your users. They can also access the new Type under the drop-down on the “Period–>Custom” menu.