Working with Availalable Non-Stock Inventory

Are there any other SX customers that are working with available non-stock inventory in Phocas?
Basically the information you see in ICEAN.

I’m in the process of trying to sync this data over, and I’m trying to figure out the best way of going about it. From what I can tell, this data only resides in the ICENL table, and will need to do some sort of calculation or logic to exclude what’s was actually sold vs what was left behind in inventory.

We got a small mod from Infor that dumps the output from ICRON to a CSV file. We then import that to SQL Server.

@WayneK Yeah, I may end up having to resort to a mod. I’m not quite ready to give up on it just yet! I’d love to tackle it without the mod, but may not be able to.

I should warn you about trying to reconcile ICENH, ICENL, etc. – it’s a mess. The mod was cheap (2-3 hours?), as it’s only a report mod.

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@aaron.roma We’re a new Phocas user. Curious to know if you got this working in Phocas without an SX.e mod? I was going to post this same question on here regarding nonstock in SX.e. Our old tool was DataPA and I had a non stock inventory report in there with data from ICENL and ICENH. I could get current nonstock inventory in DataPA to balance but when getting into the transaction details it was a bit messy.

Unfortunately, no. Worked on it for a bit, but finally got frustrated and set it aside. Other project ended up jumping up the queue. If I ever get back around to the non-stock data, I’ll probably go with the mod as Wayne pointed out.