YTD vs LYTD Invoice Count report


Does anyone know if there is a way to create a report that shows the Invoice Count by Sales Rep?

Can this report/ chart be a YTD vs LYTD comparison?

I can isolate the value to the bottom right corner of the chart.

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We have a measure that is “Total Invoices”, basically it’s a 1 for every unique invoice, presumably its as simple as the first line of each invoice gets a 1, every subsequent line gets a 0.

When it sums it will total the number of unique invoice numbers.

Once thats in the data stream, it’s just a case of using Period Variance or a Custom report to give you a comparison.

I’m not sure how accurate ours is, I didn’t code it :slight_smile: but it looks about right and my theory above would work if you can replicate it in your export.

Phocas doesn’t currently have a good way of doing a count like this on a report. There’s a lot of workarounds, based on some manipulation of your source data like @StuartH mentioned. However most of these also come with some drawbacks. For instance, in Stuart’s example of have above, of having a “1” value for the first line of an invoice… if you then filter the data, say for a particular vendor, that happens to exclude that first line, you’re count is no longer accurate.


There is an easy way of adding a ‘unique count’ based on document number to a database that doesn’t rely on the ‘put “1” on line one and “0” on the others’ approach.

If you shoot me an email, I’ll happily explain the process;

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Being able to create a “count distinct” measure would be very useful and I was a bit surprised that a BI as powerful as Phocas does not currently have that functionality.

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