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One element that I think is missing from the USERS section is a view that shows their license and last logged in on the same row. Currently its a chore to work out which users have not used the system in a while and their license assigned, we have to flick from one view to another. What would be beneficial is the licenses view to have an additional column of last logged on. This would allow admins an easier job of monitoring users.

I am sure the good folk on here may want to sound off on additional columns that may need to help them out such as @StuartH Favorites report feature request Favourites - Admin Report which is similar in requirement.



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We have a very simple user permissions structure in our company, 2 admins, everyone else is either advanced or viewer. So using the profile column on the user view is sufficient for us, but I can see how people with a more complicated permissions setup would need this feature.

Hi @JonKemp, we are currently looking into this suggestion.

Would love to get your thoughts regarding the placement of the column on the User Licence view? Is this along the lines of what you expect/want?

Jason Mortlock


Hi @Jason.Mortlock,

That’s great! Exactly what I am after :slight_smile:

One other element which would be beneficial is the ability to export these grids to excel. This would be beneficial for SOX auditing reporting.

Happy for the above to be in place :slight_smile:
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We often deploy a ‘phocas usage’ database, which allows you to analyse the detailed logs in a phocas database along with the stored information for users. You can obviously export any of that data to Excel.

Ask your customer success manager for details.

Hi Jason,

We have the usage database, I don’t recall this showing the license type. Unless I am mistaken?