System Security

We’d like to see a click through option for the first time a user logs into the system. It would be an “acceptance” that the information in our Phocas environment is owned by the company. Clicking on the acknowledgement would create a log on the users account.
We’ve noticed employees looking up information just prior to quitting. While the acknowledgement probably wouldn’t change the users behavior it would give us a leg to stand on IF we decided that legal action needed to occur.

What about using the Marketing Panel for this? Essentially create an image and then everyone has the image visible with the acceptable use policy. Not ideal but could provide a temporary banner for now.

Administration > Configuration > Marketing Panel Image URL

Hi @EricShira,

While there is no exact functionality like you described but there are 2 other ways you can go around it:

  1. Go into Admin section → User, select a user → go into their profile and then go into “usage” tab. It will tell you how many times the user logged in and how many queries they ran.
  2. Go into Admin section → User, select a user and tick the below box “detailed logs”. After this box is ticked - every step the user takes will be logged under “Query logs” tab. We do not recommend ticking it for every user as it might increase your build time.

Hello Lina,
We have all those options. That’s not exactly the requested change. I’m looking for something that a new user would click through - almost like a license acceptance. So they acknowledge that the information is private and belongs to the company.