Report Owner in Information Tab


I would like to know who the owner is when looking in the “i” information box.

Two reasons:

  1. We are hopefully going to introduce a “ReportAdmin” user to own “Verified” reports - being able to see a report was created by this user will give confidence to the user that it has been audited and proven to be accurate.

  2. Sometimes an amendment might be required, or someone wants access to a report they could do with knowing who to contact without having to access the Admin area


Great idea @StuartH !
We could even ask for an “Email Owner” link in the Information area, so we can query aspects of a report with the Owner.

Maybe this could even become a new part of the whole Social Conversation system Phocas are trying to integrate into the product in addition to the current “Chat about a favourite” feature which thus far, we have found interesting, but not used much yet.

Maybe a special “@Mention” type like @Owner within the chat, could ping an email out of Phocas to the relevant person.

More Richard Ramblings… :slight_smile:

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Hi @richj, I love the @owner idea. That’s an easy way to get the owners attention. We are looking to add mentions into comments this year. I’ll add this suggestion to that.

@StuartH that’s a reasonable request. I’ll log a suggestion. We might address it with other query information improvements.

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