User Login Report

I’ve had a request from a user to have a report that shows the username and last login of users within a specific territory. The user that has requested this report does not have admin privileges and I’m reluctant to give them. I know that I can grant access to users only within a specific territory but again I’m reluctant to grant this.

Does anyone know of a way to generate a report, either through a dashboard, favourite or email that can supply this information?

Hi @SparkyMarky welsome to the PUG :smiley:
Do you think they will be asking for the information regularly?

If you think its something which will only be asked for occasionally, you could copy and paste the User List from Administration / Users out into a spreadsheet, remove the columns you don’t want, leaving you with the first column - “Display Name” and the “Last Login”, then in Excel sort it by the date then possibly Bob is apparently your Uncle.

Alternatively, you can ask Phocas to setup a Usage database with which you can setup favourites and dashboards for. We use it to see that we are getting our moneys-worth out of our licensed users :smiley: It is also interesting to see the types of queries people are using in Phocas.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

Warm regards,

@richj. Thanks for the quick response and warm welcome.

It’s something that will be used quite a bit, for the exact reason you mention, we want to make sure that we are getting our moneys worth!

I’ll ask Phocas to set up a usage database. I’ll be interested to see what further analyse a usage database offers.