Breaking Job Management Orders Out

If you are an Eclipse user and you use Job Management for job business… you may find that in Job Management that any orders pushed through that system register under a single product in Phocas - in our case:


This is under the MISC BUDGET GROUP and we need a way for this to translate to figures broke out to see where things line up for sales. This completely skews our overall business reports. Have any of your ran into this issue? If so, how did you address it?

Each vendor can have their own JM Default Template Product. That will at least help a little.
#1 - Create a copy of that JM Default Product but put it in a more appropriate buyline/priceline/group/whatever.
#2 - Then in Vendor Maintenance > Additional > Job Mgmt
#3 - And use that new template.
But you will find that it only works going forward on new orders


And to go into a little more detail on that if you really want the history changed also…
When you do that vendor template Eclipse might update things like the Ledger file so you might see a change in Eclipse, but that doesn’t update the PSUB file which is where Phocas is getting its data.
I asked Epicor about updating the PSUB file too, but they gave me every excuse: too tricky, too elaborate, too many prefer it to stay the way it is, etc.
I toyed with the idea of manually editing the PSUB file but for us it didn’t seem worth it. You may want to ask for custom programming or consult with Zerion. I’d be happy to support you on that, I’m partially interested in making it happen too.


Very nice. thanks for the heads up. I appreciate the feedback Tim I will pass to my product maintenance team. Thank you.

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I have added a comment in the UFO group. maybe we can team up on this. Are you part of the Eclipse User Group?

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Yes I am. I will vote for your idea.


Here is the link:

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If you’ve created a sync path for your Eclipse SQL Sever databased, Job Management orders can be identified in the eclipse.sales_order table (query below). Using this field should be the standard way to identify JM orders:

select *
from eclipse.sales_order
where job_managment_flag = 1