Bulk Import User Restrictions via CSV

Currently having to input each salesrep id with their restrictions manually per user. This is time consuming for our roster of about 40 reps, but I’d imagine a larger company with hundreds would be a nightmare. Is there no way now to bulk restrict rep user accounts to their own id without having to manually enter one by one?

Looks like this is doable technically via default database restrictions. There are only 2 custom user fields though, group and territory. So in my case I will be putting the SalesRep ID in the territory field and setting a default restriction to salesrep_id equal to {{user:territory}} . This feels like a work around but I did just test it, and since you can include territory on a CSV User Import, it will work.

Looks like you already figured it out, but yes, this is how we did it too. And FYI, you can include multiple entries in that territory field too, separated by semicolons, if needed. Example: ID1;ID2;ID3