User Restrictions - refer to user id or another field

I can’t do a mass update to my sales team of over 200 in the US. We need to restrict our sales team to see only their customers. Since we have almost 500 users around the globe, we use the group and territory field for grouping, and therefore we currently have to restrict our sales team by hard coding their sales ID, rendering a mass update to the sales team impossible.

Ideally, a third field that could be referenced would be added to the user profile, just like group and territory, that could be unique to the user. I’d populate our sales team with their sales id, and then restrict based on {{user:newfield}}

Alternatively, I could modify the design of the database so we could reference the user id, if that were made an option in the restrictions. But as of today, whenever I publish a new budget stream from the budget and forecast module, I then have to expose it to 200+ users, one at a time

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