Creating Completed Work Orders

Hi Folks

I am very new to the Pronto community, but have extensive experience in Maximo, IFS, Mainpac, SAP, etc from an Asset Management view point as well as implementation and limited “technical” works. I have never had the opportunity to experience the pleasure of exposure to Pronto.

My partner has just started work as a Maintenance Administrator at a company that uses Pronto and she is trying to catch up on entering a backlog of work that has not yet been entered to Pronto as work orders. I have searched Dr Google and can’t find much in the way of crowd support, but I came across this community and I am hoping you can help.

The work is all in pdf’s of hand written field work sheets, so bulk upload is out of the question. Is there a way to create retrospective work orders as already completed work orders, that still allows the correct dates to be entered and for meter readings to be entered as well? Just looking for a quick way for her to enter these without having to go through the enter it, save it, open it, complete it, enter readings, open it, add an attachment, etc? These steps still need to be done but if it could be done in one place, with all the fields and buttons on one screen, that would speed things up and she could get on to more high value activities.

It is vital to have these backlog work orders entered (as an Asset Management professional, I am very anal about this!!). The PDF’s are also linked to the work orders so this takes extra time, but again, it is vital that this is captured.

Presently, she is using the “Selective Plant Item Enquiry” form on Pronto Xi. Looks like the Thin Client version is 7.3r4.1 from 2016. Not sure if that helps to identify the underlying Pronto version?

Any tips, tricks or suggestions on speeding the data entry would be appreciated.