Late Purchase Orders

Has anyone setup a report with all open purchase orders that are late?

We just have a generic list of Purchase orders run in Phocas and then export to excel to filter for overdue, would be good to see what others are doing in this space! :wink:

Why not look at creating a ‘PO Status’ dimension within your db, so long at the due date is available it would just be a simple case statement to create something like below:-

If you need further information drop your account manager an email.

I like that idea with the Status.

We have a report that runs from a feed to show due dates of outstanding orders, filtering for less than today would give a report showing those orders overdue.

Of course to get a dynamic report that shows historic performance would need the stream to supply the requested date, the revised due date and/or the actual arrival date. Working out the days early or late for each could then be shown in Phocas.