Debtor-Days by Customer

I’m working on Debtor Days in Phocas and currently have a view that works fine overall but due to floors in the standard measure I obviously get weird numbers if I view that by Customer, Sales Team etc.

Does anyone have a workaround or any other way they monitor payment performance on a granular level?

Main issues are new customers who have a high level (sometimes 100% if brand new) of their turnover still outstanding, customers that have not spent in the period but still have a balance (maybe if they paid it wouldn’t be a problem!!)

Hi Stuart,

Is this a debtors database? We might be interested in a solution for our accounts receivable and I am trying to understand what benefits it could have for our business.



It’s not a Debtors Database, we opted not to go for that yet as all I really needed was a simply calculation. However, it really depends on what you need.

I know Phocas offer a dedicated Debtor Database and I’m sure if you have multiple Credit Controllers or a large ledger it would be invaluable.

I’m working with a much simpler ledger but the ability to subscribe to reports to give me a snapshot each day of how my team are doing along with a breakdown of who is overdue is very useful to me.

As far as the calc, i’m using the standard Debtors/Rolling 12 Months Sales x 365

I’m exploring ideas though - one of which is a dynamic date range for the turnover per customer - this is quite complex though so i’m not sure on how feasible it is. Example if a customer has only traded for 7 days, has spent £100 and has 100% outstanding his calc would £100 / £100 x 7 = 7 days, a customer who has traded for 18 months, spends £1000 per month but has an invoice outstaning from say 13 months ago as well as the latest two months would show debtor days of £3000 / £13000 x 395 = 91 days, finally a customer who has an invoice outstanding for £1000 from 13 months ago but has not spent since would have debtor days of £1000 / £1000 * 395 = 395 days.

It’s still not perfect but would give a better view by customer.

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Dashboards with many widgets get complicated and hard to read. If we had the ability to add background color to lines and control the font color and size that would be helpful. Minor request but would help.

Steve Shuman

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I did not mean to reply to this thread – I should have created a new request which I also did. Sorry to the group for the duplication.

Steve Shuman

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