AR Database - Usage Cases

I am bout to get our AR database installed for Epicor Eclipse. How are others on this forum utilizing it best? Do you have some examples you can share?

I don’t use the Phocas AR database but built my own.

I have an automated daily Aged Debt report so I can keep an eye on the oldest column 120 days + and a widget on a dashboard to show Debtor Days.

Recently I’ve added in a comments field from our ERP system against each invoice so I can easily see if there is any additional info as to why an invoice isn’t paid.

I’ve also added a Credit Limit Review stream which compares limits against balances so I can trigger a review of over credit customers.

I created a customer AR Dashboard, and using the external link feature, have it available under a “Reports” section when they log into our eCommerce site. Right next to that link are links to view/pay invoices.

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