How to tell what database(s) a dashboard is using

Hello everyone. Easy question. I have been presented with a dashboard and told that some of the data being pulled is incorrect. My question is: How do I determine which database(s) are referenced by this dashboard?

Click the Edit button on the top left corner of that line. that should open the data. once it opens look to the right side and see what database is in that drop down.
Thats how I see it, Im using EDA.

Thanks so much! That is exactly what I needed! You have made my day! I have done a lot of SQL script updates for our users, etc, but had never done anything with dashboards.

Im just now learning too. Got the SQL down, learning how to build out databases and dashboards in EDA.
What ERP are you using?

ERP Epicor 10

Same. we are on 10.2.200

We’re on 10.2.400.17. Fun times!

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