Show more than 1 PartNum Row in the joined dashboard

i have 2 databases as 2 different lines in a dashboard that are joined on the Code value which is the partnum. when i focus on one part number on the EO line i want to see ALL rows of that part number in the demand line of the dashboard, but it only brings in the first. how can i get the dashboard to show all rows with that part number.

Hi @Crogers,

I do simliar things combining two databases. If the dimension names are exactly the same in both databases and there are many rows in the “demand” database, it should work. Do the same thing on CustNum and contacts (one to many)

Having said that the code line will always group, so have you any additional properties in the demand dimension which would break it up? I.e.
PartNum Desc Value
part 1 Hello 10
Part 1 Bye 20
Part 2 Yo! 10
Part2 Yo! 20

If without using properties would show:
PartNum Value
Part1 30
Part2 30

If a property was present it should show
Partnum Desc Value
Part1 Hello 10
Part1 Bye 20
Part2 Yo! 30

It always groups/aggregates data unless you tell it to split them out. In my clients epicor instance I have split partnums into the different companys i.e. Partnum 1234 would be:


This ensures I get the parts fully fleshed out.

Hope this helps.