Creating Links on Dimension codes in Database Designer


Did you know you can add shortcut links on your dimension codes to link directly to a favorite, dashboard or another database?

I would try to explain how to do this, but our documentation site will do a better job of it:

Add Shortcut Links in Designer


I see in the documentation that you can link to outside programs, as well. I’m guessing that only works with browser-based applications. How does that play with systems that require login credentials? And is there any certain customization for the link based on how the outside program routes to opening up invoices? Thanks!


Yes, this would work for other web based applications only.

You would need to know the syntax for the web link for the other program. Sometimes you can figure this syntax by viewing an account or invoice and looking at URL used, Often other web based applications will have a specific string you can use to link directly to something. This example may help.

Let’s say your other application would use the following link to see Invoice # 12345:

On your customer dimension in Phocas, you could set the link to:

(if InvoiceNo was the name of the property within Phocas)

It will simply take you to the same webpage used for your outside source, and wouldn’t pass any login credentials, so you would need to log in as you usually would there.