Date Last Opened


I know this feature was added in Release 7.3.2 - however as far as I understand it, it is only available to Administrators. I think it would be immensely beneficial to any user who has the ability to create Favorites and Dashboards, and should be visible alongside the Description, Folder, and Database details.


Thanks for the suggestion! You are correct, the ‘Date last opened’ field is only available to administrators. I agree that this is useful information (particularly for cleaning up all your dashboards and favourites), so your suggestion has now been logged in our system as something we could potentially address in the future. (DEV-12119).


Where do you see the date last opened information?


In the Admin\Favorites and Admin\Dashboards screens;



Thanks, I should have paid more attention :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanking you Tim - that is encouraging. I am compiling a list of suggestions, so I hope to have more to submit in the near future.


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