External Link Time Out

I’m always concerned about external links and the security risk the expose.

I wonder if an option when setting them up to set an expiry date, or more likely an admin setting to force an external link to expire after x days would be possible?

This would mean that while the security risk still applies while the link is active, a member of staff that left months ago can’t get indefinite access to data.

Would be good then for Admin to run a report of external links and the expiry dates and status of a link and in that screen expire or refresh one or multiple links. Refreshing would create a new link.

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Great idea, when we are at the prototype phase we use the URL option to let the senior stakeholders (who are not a Phocas user yet) review how we are doing. We already have had this issue crop up, where a URL has gone un-spotted for a while. An expiry date would be a great way to close this security exposure.