Financial Ratios

Has anyone had success calculating ratios that use accounts from both P&L and the Balance Sheet?

I used to have a simple debtor days from the sales data and a ledger balance stream.

Do you mean for calculations like Return on Equity as an example?

Well, the two in particular we’re having trouble calculating are Days Payables and Days Receivables.

We think the problem is because it combines data from two different financial sheets (P&L and Balance Sheet,) but we aren’t sure.

Yes, there are two areas of functionality in financial statement calculations we are currently working on:

  • The ability to reference groups on other financial statements (e.g. Balance Sheet groups on the P&L).

  • The ability to annualize a value (such as profit in the RoE calculation) and the ability to divide a value by the number of days in a given period (such as in the days payable outstanding calculation).

I hope to have this functionality in place in time for the March release of Phocas. Would you be interested in trialing it once it becomes available?

We would love to trial it!

Terrific. Would you mind emailing me on so we can discuss further?