Histogram graph request

I would like to use histogram graphs in Phocas. This uses the defined boundaries to group data the same way as Phocas’ speed gauges. The difference is that I would like to see as many groupings as I want to define (100 groups would be nice because that corresponds with possible %) and it would be good to show that info as stacked bars or as singles as I choose. This is extremely useful when evaluating profit margin distribution as well as pricing behaviors. See the examples by % of profit margin which are in use here - but unfortunately not in Phocas.

Hi @Steve_Shuman, thank you for the suggestion, I’ve logged it. It looks like a useful feature but I’ll need to do some research to see if it’s feasible to add to Phocas.

Thanks Will. Since I used the term histogram, et me add some clarification. Excel histograms use FREQUENCY (count of occurrences within a category). That is useful, but I would not want to be limited to frequency.

This is a snapshot of a Power Pivot chart that illustrates closer to what I was looking for. It groups SALES DOLLARS by gross profit %. The horizontal axis is GP% rounded to an even number. However, this chart also shows a problem,
it only shows the values that are actually used. Note that there is no “23” in the chart for example. I would want to show every group from 0% to100%.

Steve Shuman

Revere Electric Supply