Nesting feature request


Would it be possible to have an expand all button on the nest widgets? I have had a request from a user saying it is time consuming to expand each node individually. Current workaround is to export to Excel where you could expand all. However that will only support full license users as the excel way requires you to analyse the widget prior to export which is not available with the view license. I did put another feature request to add the Export option on the widget previously which would save users having to click analyse every time.


@JonKemp are you able to clarify whether you’re referring to the ‘Nested Table’ feature, or the ‘Grid Nesting’ feature? Both of these can be displayed as widgets.

Nested Tables: You can expand all by clicking the hash (#) icon top left.

Grid Nesting: There is no ‘expand all’ option here, as it could affect performance. Expand queries are generated in real time, so expanding one section is typically quick (maybe a second or two) but expanding an entire table could take much longer, depending on complexity.


Hi Tim,

I was referring to Grid nesting. I understand the reasoning.