Reallocating sales to a child account in Phocas

Hi all,

Hopefully this question will make sense - let me know if anything is not clear or more info is needed.

We have a single sales account in our ERP system where we would like to start allocating sales to multiple sales reps, based on a set percentage.

We typically do a parent/child account set up in our ERP system for this, but it’s a central purchaser for the customer, so we don’t really have that option. Sales could end up at a child account location without us knowing about it.

If we were to create child accounts in our ERP system, is there any option in Phocas that would allow us to ‘reallocate’ a percentage of sales from the parent account to each child account?

I was thinking of a transformed column in Designer, but not exactly sure how that would work.

We would still want the parent account to show total sales just as we have other parent accounts do now, but also be able to see a split across all the linked child accounts.

Just to include some numbers as an illustration:

Parent account 12345 has sales of $150,000. We want Phocas to show that as it does now.

But, 4 child accounts are to show 25% of those sales each:

Child Account 23456: $37,500
Child Account 23457: $37,500
Child Account 23458: $37,500
Child Account 23459: $37,500

To complicate matters even more, those percentage allocations may change over time.

A transformed column is the only thing I can think of, but there may be something better.

Is this possible in Phocas?

Please let me know if you need any other information to assist.

Thanks in advance,