Recurring Appointments in CRM

I wonder if it would be useful to be able to set up recurring appointments within CRM. A few thoughts I have on this:

  1. It would be useful if you want to set up a recurring appointment to visit a customer on the Xth day of each month or however that works out.
  2. It may also be useful for Personal Appointments, so if somebody wants to have a certain thing on their agenda at a specific time every day or week, they can add it once and set it to recurring.
  3. I’m not sure how I would have the description/notes field work. Whether it would be a continuous, rolling field. Or if it would become a new, blank field with each instance of the recurrence.
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Hello @tim.janes
It is a good request which several of our customers have made.
We are considering an integration with calendar clients which would allow you to sync your activities (create the activity in your regular calendar and view in CRM). This would also apply to recurring items as defined in your calendar. Would such a solution help ?

I think integration would be great. Anything to make it easier for a user, so they don’t have to recreate the same task twice or be forced to update information in two places! Though, I would hope it could also work as a standalone function.