Statement Builder

I’ve just spent a few hours building a new P&L’s and found a few things that would be useful whilst building new P&L:

1 - When adding Headers/Calculations/Spaces, add them where you were last selected. I have 100 groups, adding everything on the bottom makes it a real pain to drag it all the way back to the top.

2 - Allow you to multi select and drag them together when moving codes under a new heading. E.g. I have Codes 1000, 1001 and 1002 I want to move all 3 down to a section, but I need to drag each one individually. Would make the user experience a whole lot better.

3 - Add the option to change font/highlight. I have a broken out detailed section within the P&L, 1 section is subtotaled with a few codes that are not subtotaled, other than adding a redundant total line just for the 1 code I have no way of showing that this individual code isn’t part of the subtotal.

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Hi there
These are great suggestions. Would you mind emailing me directly on and perhaps we could meet briefly to discuss?
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Nick Collett
Product Manager - Financial Statements