User Defined Pagination (Records Per Page)

When building a grid query for use on a dashboard I’d like to be able to define the number of records per page.

Current the hard default is either 100 or All.

Ideally I’d be able to reduce this to 10, 25 or 50 for example to ensure the widget does not have any scrolling visible on the dashboard.


This is a good request, I like it :+1:

Thanks for your suggestion @StuartH. I have logged an internal request to gather further interest.

Other than this forum, is there a formal way to review and upvote topics?

It would be good to pick up these sorts of suggestions in a log somehow, scope them and allow users to vote on them.

That way Phocas would get a better view of what priority they should apply.

I get the feeling that initially when PUG started, things were quickly adopted by Phocas but they may well be getting overwhelmed by the suggestions now and need a guide on what to focus on next.


Agreed. IT also might be valuable to have an “official” vote from each CUSTOMER. There are several people from my company on this forum, and we may all see things differently, but as a company we should get one official ballot.
Hope the Russians don’t hack us. J

Thanks @StuartH & @Steve_Shuman, currently we categorise these suggestions in our internal site and elevate the priority by assessing various factors with PUG being an important source.
And, we can look at your suggested options for further review & upvoting.