Weather as a DB



At the 2017 PUG Conference someone referenced the ability to bring in weather and now that I am firmly entrenched into this Phocas thing, I am ready.

I would presume this would be done using Sync, but being somewhat unfamiliar with all that Sync has to offer I am trying to get a hold of First Steps. Such as:

  1. Choice of weather API (ie. Dark Sky, WU)… is an API available;
  2. Limiting the data received through the API call (only need rain total and rain forecast)

Anyone try anything this crazy yet?


Hi Jdogg,

We did something similar where we regressed our Sales$ by HDD, CDD, Weather (Sunny, Cloudy, Precipitation), Weekday?, and other independent variables. Is this what you’re looking to do?


More or less yes. The first question was leveraging a DB that would easily connect to sync that would allow me to build a DB putting weather against sales.