Comparing actuals to budget in Financial Statements

I’m keen to hear users’ ideas for how they might like to compare actuals to budgets on a Financial Statement. For example:

  • Would you want to look at a hybrid view part-way through the year (e.g. in month 6, see what 6 months actuals and 6 months budget look like)?

  • Would you like to see actuals versus budget #1 and budget #2 in the same view?

Any other suggestions for how we could improve comparative analysis in Financial Statements?

Hi @nickcollett ,

For my client the P&L is typically shown in Excel with quarterly analysis comparing Actuals to Quarter To Date and Full Quarter, half year & this year would also be useful although not currently being referenced. Below is the structure of the P&L:

I have sent a private message to you with the attachment so you can inspect closer.

Kind Regards,


Thanks Jon
We are looking at an expanded range of options when you elect to “include periods” in a Financial Statement and quarters/half years would be good options. I will keep you posted.