Favorite dashboard issue


I have a created dashboard that is already completed. It was not tagged as a favorite during creation. I cannot get a selection to save it as a favorite now. How is this done. No way I have to recreate the dashboard to do this…Please help!

How do you mean save it as a favourite?

To add it to a folder or share to users click the people icon:


Honestly, I guess I am confusing the issue. I was asked to create an alert from a dashboard. So I was thinking I could save a dashboard as a favorite and have it saved as an alert. Overthinking it I guess. Thanks for your response.

I don’t think you can save a Dashboard into an alert, but you should be able to copy a specific Widget to a separate Favorite, then set up an alert on that.

You’d have to pick which widget you want the alert based on, click the Analyse button:


Then save that as a favourite and subscribe to the alert.