Financial Statements: Open up a new browser tab when interrogating transactions from a Statement

Currently when we interrogate Transactions by right clicking on the number we would like to query in the Statements, the Transactions are listed, however, this occurs in the same browser window and when you try return to your previous screen by clicking the ‘Back’ button in the browser, the view you are returned to has lost all the settings (columns, periods, filters, etc) you previously had on. This then means you end up having to re-apply all your filters and views to get you back to where you were previously, making the whole functionality pretty tiresome/annoying.

I would suggest clicking on ‘Transactions’ should open up a new browser screen which can then be closed when you wish to return to your previous view and continue where you left off. Or at the very worst, if a new browser window is not opened, clicking the ‘back’ button should get you back to where you previously left off.


Hi Harvey

Thank you for your feedback and sharing your frustration on the back button behaviour. An improvement to the web browser back button behaviour is due out in the September release.
We have also added your suggestion to view transactions in a separate browser screen to our feature backlog requests.

Kind regards
Jordena Tibble
Financial Statements Product Manager