Restore Dashboard/widget

How many times have you had an “oops” when working on designing dashboards and accidentally delete a line (sometime i want to delete a widget and hit the wrong delete)?

We would love an admin feature to restore or “undo”

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Maybe on certain actions just an “Are you sure you wish to delete this line?”

Thanks for the suggestion @rsavage16. As @StuartH mentioned there is an ‘are you sure you want to delete this line’ and ‘are you sure you want to delete this widget’ message. I’m guessing this isn’t quite enough to prevent accidental deletions?

It is not…because you think you are deleting the right thing until you look at the dashboard and realize you didn’t.
The other issue, I had a user ask me to delete a line and we did, then realized we needed the formula (custom mode) that was associated to one of the widgets.
Another great option would just be a “hide widget”.

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I accidentally delete dashboard lines instead of widgets at least once a month. There should be an ‘undelete’ option or a ‘commit’ feature so any changes you make only ‘go live’ when you press the commit button.


An undelete would be great, just like the undo in Microsoft Word.

Maybe the fact that grids need to be saved but dashboards don’t is part of the issue?

If dashboards needed to be saved you could always just go back to the homepage and reselect the link without saving to bring back what it was before you broke it.

Alternatively, having a “Rollback” option in the star menu could allow you to unwind that last amendment.

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Undo functionality would be good.
It would be even better to have commit and rollback functionality (with comments).