Sales by Month for 60 months

Hi, any idea to setup a way of looking at the last 5 years of sales figures by month in one view or bar chart?
Every time i try to set up 60 months, it also asks for a previous period, which i am not interested in,
any ideas?

Hello @Ian.Fletcher - set the previous period to the same as the period you’re looking for - see if that sorts your issue? I use this.

I also find setting a ‘Forever’ custom date period useful - custom date were period start is static (the first date in the BI software), then choose the period (months/years etc), then set the period end to be offset - e.g. month 0. This will then always include the most up to date transactions.

thanks, that’s useful, i also found by changing the mode to Total that also helpsas it just gives one figure.