12 Month Moving Total Graph

I’m trying to create a 12 Month Moving Total line graph-- this seems super simple in theory. My issue is that I also need to do this for multiple streams (on the same graph.) I know you can use stream mode to graph multiple streams, but I can’t do a line graph unless I’m on the summary tab of stream mode–problem 1. Problem 2 is that when I try to use Moving mode instead, I can’t overlay multiple streams. I’ve also tried custom mode, which yields even poorer results. Last thing I tried was making a defined period-- but then I remembered they can’t have overlapping moments, so that plan failed as well.

Does anyone have ideas of how to make a graph that has multiple streams (a line for each stream) and shows 12 month moving totals? Has anyone managed to make this?

Hi @mnelson

Even if you are on summary mode and use stream mode (you can then select a multiple additional streams) you should be able to get to this:

It seems to me that that is exactly what you attempted doing.
If you want to use Total, you can tick the box: Use Cumulative and in that case you will be able to get your total on the graph. It will then look like this:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: